The weigh feeder allows ensuring continuous bulk product dosing in modern industrial processes. This Gravimetric Weigh feeder design ensures the joint extraction and weighing of any gravity flowing product through a feeding hopper provided.

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A belt weigher is a part of industrial control equipment used to measure the flow rate of material travelling over a troughed conveyor belt of any length. Many such belt scales are active part of the process flow control of conveyor line.

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Bin Level Measuring System

As we know that, the modern process industry requires tanks, silos, bin for inventory management or material storage purpose. For this we supply microprocessor based system including load cell mounting arrangement to know exact level or volume of material stored in silos.

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Bulk Weighing Solutions

  • BLMS/Hopper Weighing system

  • Conveyors

  • Screw Feeders

  • Vibratory Feeders

  • Weigh Feeder Systems

  • Batching Automation

  • Loss in Weight System

  • Batch Plant

Industrial Automation

  • Industrial Instruments

  • Industrial Sensors and transducers

  • Industrial Analog Meters

  • Industrial Digital Meters

Home Automation Systems

  • Security Cameras

  • Security Locks

  • Fire Alarm Systems